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He brought Elizabeth to his home where he fucked her for three hours in his basement.

He shared Rachel with several of the faculty in his office.

They parents flustered over their kids, especially the mothers, which the girls found a little awkward as their dads gave them hungry looks from afar.

It was a relief when the bus had arrived and they were allowed to clamber on.

He covered her mouth before she made too much noise. " He filled her ass before moving her panties and dress back over.

Ben followed Sarah down the stairs a few minutes after her.

It was prom night and they were all dressed and ready. It wrapped around her back and hung loosely on her arms and left her shoulders bare.Rachel had her hair flowing down in waves Elizabeth's was probably the skimpiest.It was shaped almost like a two-piece, with a thinning triangle attaching the top to the bottom from the front. Her ass was hanging out even more than Rachel's, and the front top was a tight fit that raised and squeezed her tits while exposing her cleavage.Elizabeth's hair mirrored Rachel's Also downstairs were the girl's dates.Rachel was going with Jack, Sarah was going with a boy named Samir, Lauren's date's name was Henry and Elizabeth was going with someone named Riley.

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